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The Robert Jamison Collection was created in 2014.  Prior to establishing the custom clothier sector of RJC, Jamison designed men's accessories: bowties, pocket squares and lapel pins.  

The Robert Jamison Collection provides clients with expert craftsmanship, fashion consciousness to enhance their lifestyle.  RJC's passion is to create a polished customized garment for our client.  We place our main focus on providing a quality, tailored fit garment which characterizes our Robert Jamison Collection style and elegance for each client.

Robert Jamison Collection aims to create fashionable timeless  garments by focusing aesthetics such as: colored lapel/button holes, double vents for jackets, handstiching added to lapels and waist adjusters on trousers  which creates a clean line from head to toe, 

Our clients are professionals who we call family as we live in the custom suit world we call tailored societies.


The Robert Jamison Collection experience is tailored just for you.

Let's Get Started!

Robert Jamison is ready to provide a made-to-measure garment for you.

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